20-57To authorize DOF to pay obligated 25% retiree death benefits
20-40To allow annuitants to enroll in the Commonwealth government health insurance program
20-35To appropriate $22 million Casino GRT for 25% payments of full benefits and retiree bonus
20-34To address concerns of the SF Trustee and reserve funds generated from the Casino Gross Revenue Tax
20-33Settlement Fund Revolving Account
20-11Appropriations and Budget Authority Act of 2018
20-10To appropriate funds to cover or suppelement the payment of 25% of all class members' full benefits and a bonus
20-09To appropriate $7.1 million to pay balance of annual payments for FY 2014 and FY 2015
SLL 19-12Appropriated $1.8 million to cover 25% payments for retirees and surviving beneficiaries of the Third Senatorial District
19-75Supplemental Appropriations for FY 2017 (bonus to retirees and beneficiaries)
19-68Appropriations and Budget Authority Act of 2017
19-67To create a Justice Center Fund Revolving Account for certain fees collected by the CNMI Judiciary, which shall be applied to the outstanding balance of the judicial building mortgage in the event the USDA loan proceeds have not be disbursed; and authorizing the CNMI to enter into a loan agreement with the USDA for up to $15 million to pay off the judicial building mortgage and for the expansion and improvement of the Judiciary and other facilities
19-36To allow SOF to expend revenues allotted to the NMIRF without appropriation to fund the 25% pension payments
19-35Amendment to authorize the Governor's reprogramming authority for 25% pension payments
19-08Appropriations and Budget Authority Act of 2016
18-66Appropriations and Budget Authority Act of 2015
18-56Allocates $2 million of the annual license fee to the First Senatorial District to be appropriated to fund the 25% payments of the First and Second Senatorial Districts, and a portion of the $25 million annual casino license fee paid in the first year to be appropriated to pay the 25% payments of the Third Senatorial District, and $10 million of subsequent annual license fees to be appropriated for the 25% payments of the Third Senatorial District
18-53Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2014
18-30To establish a special account to cover the 25% payments
18-18Appropriations and Budget Authority Act of 2014