Deadline for Annuity Recipient Information Update (Form SF-200)


August 8, 2019

Deadline for Annuity Recipient Information Update (Form SF-200)

The Settlement Fund is requesting all members to submit their 2018 Annuity Recipient

Information Update form (Form SF-200). The form can be obtained online or at the office of the

Settlement Fund. You must attach the following documents to the Form SF-200:

(1) A copy of a valid photo identification (ID), such as a driver’s license, passport, or other ID

issued within the past five years; and

(2) If you are a disability annuitant or a surviving spouse, a copy of the 2017 Income Tax

Return is required, and for surviving spouses not required to file a tax return, you must

submit the Affidavit of Surviving Spouse (Form SF-8).

All forms are available for download at and at the Settlement

Fund office in Capitol Hill.

The final deadline to submit the 2018 form and accompanying documents is August 23,

2019. Failure to comply, including failure to provide complete information or documents, will

result in a suspension of benefit payments until such time that a member is in full compliance.

Forms and accompanying documents may be submitted by: (1) email to;

(2) facsimile to (670) 664-8080; or (3) hand delivery to the Settlement Fund, Isa Drive, Capitol

Hill. Please contact the Settlement Fund at (670) 322-3863 to verify whether you are in